Ellicott Lane Studio

Ellicott Lane is a light-filled space full of inspiration with many pieces of artwork, furniture, and home decor available for sale. I am able to use this studio as a perfect setting to meet with clients to work on projects as well as highlight some of my favorite pieces that can really transform a room!

I love incorporating artwork into design and have filled the walls of this studio with a variety of styles of art at truly affordable prices. Hours are by appointment only. Monthly seminars/events will be held. Please submit your email address if you are interested in being notified of upcoming events.

What is in a Name?

I grew up in a small town on a street named Ellicott Avenue, blessed with a family that loved to entertain and who did so, often and well! There was always an extra seat at the table if someone happened to stop by at dinner. A cup of tea or glass of wine was always just a minute away when friends dropped in. Our home was a gathering place for all - friends, family, neighbors- everyone was welcome!

Located on a wide shaded street, lined with grand old houses and neighbors in their front yards, this 1800’s Victorian home was like a 5th child for my parents. Their love of the preservation of our historic home, antiques, and staying true to the integrity and style of the house was what sparked my love of interior design. This is something that I am proud to honor and continue today in my work.

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